About Those Cheerios Wildflower Seeds....

About Those Cheerios Wildflower Seeds....

Hey there, farmily! Have you seen the Cheerios/ wildflower seeds/ honey bee giveaway on your Facebook news feed yet? The gist: Cheerios is partnering with a seed company to give away 500 free wildflower seeds so people can plant them to help the bees. BUT... there are some problems here.

As local beekeepers and raw honey producers, we want our Farmily to know what's up. Here are two quick thoughts about the free seed giveaway:

1. Cheerios have been tested and shown to contain over 1,100 parts per billion of Glyphosate. Glyphosate (commonly sold as RoundUp) is a systemic herbicide made by Monsanto. Monsanto (in our opinion) is pure evil. Although Cheerios is pledging to go GMO-free, the fact remains: it contains the very poison that's killing bees to begin with. Looks as if they're trying to right a wrong here.

2. Problem with ^ that is: wildflowers are region-specific and some are more helpful to bees than others. Giving away seed that may (or may not) grow in our area and may (or most likely not) provide nectar or pollen for bees isn't really doing much to help honey bees.

So skip the free Cheerios seeds. Want to help honey bees in our area? We've consulted with the Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center and have a list of plants that WILL be beneficial to bees in our area. Join us in planting one (two? five? all?) of these, and together we'll help bees thrive in Cass, Bowie, Miller, and surrounding counties!

 Here's that list of What To Plant For Bees:


Common Yarrow

Basil 'African Blue"

Bottlebrush Tree

Pink Evening Primrose

Bee Bush


False Indigo

Prickly Pear

Coral Vine


Columbine (yellow)

Golden Groundsel

Roosevelt Weed

Rock Rose


False Fox-Glove

Blue Beard Spirea

Honey Mesquite


Cherry Laurels

Partridge Pea

Mexican Plums

Meyer Lemon Tree

Wafer Ash

Erect Dayflower

Large Buttercup

Gregg's mist flower

Flameleaf Sumac

Gregg's Dalea





Black-Eyed Susan

Fruit-bearing Loquats

Black Willow

Blue Mist Flower

Indigo Spires


Mealy BlueSage

Prairie Verbena

Autumn Sage


Helianthus 'Lemon Queen" Asteraceae

Lyre leaf sage


Cedar Sage

Nellie Stevens Holly

Bog Sage

Shrimp Plant


Mexican Honeysuckle

Global Mallow

Texas Lantana

Texas Betony


Eve’s Necklace


Sky-Blue Aster



Texas Barberry



Hemp Vine (Monarch Vine)

Mexican Buckeye



Bee Balm

Queen Anne's wreath

Wild Bergamot



Sicilian Oregano

Baby Blue Eyes

Need a printable copy of this list to take with you? View or print one here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1KGrLtCheUwj7Tn5bTxhr7RkP39EZZkFcmr2nyqKQPPY/edit?usp=sharing

Whew! That's a lot! Do you have any of these plants in your vicinity already? If so, the bees will thank you. Can we work toward growing more of these bee-friendly species in our area? Absolutely. Together we can do so much! Many thanks in advance.

-Brin, Managing Beekeeper, Balm+Honey Farm

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