Market Season Is Here!

Market Season Is Here!

Hey, Farmily!

It's amazing to say that, after the huge pause button of 2020, the farmers markets are open again! (woot) We're so excited to see you and catch up.

After the devastation of winter storms Uri and Viola, we have to admit: we had some serious concerns about our vegetable AND honey harvest this 2021 season. But here we are, rolling into market in May. Blessings abound!

What the storms DID mean for us is that all our produce is delayed by a few weeks, or not going to be available at all this spring. And we lost several honey-producing bee hives due to the sub-freezing temps. Tough break for all of us, for sure. But we are rebuilding and replanting as quickly as possible, and as we pull food out of dirt and hives, you'll know about it, okay?

Our market schedule is coming out this week, so be sure to make note of it for those Saturdays you are out and about. We hope to see you and make your day a bit better!

Above all, please know you are appreciated and part of the "Farmily" here. We are grateful for your support and your business.

-Matt + Brin

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