The Power and Beauty of the Farm

A farm includes the passion of the farmer's heart, the interest of the farm's customers, the biological activity in the soil, the pleasantness of the air about the farm -- it's everything touching, emanating from, and supplying that piece of landscape. A farm is virtually a living organism. - Joel Salatin
It was our pleasure to welcome some city folks to the farm over the weekend. Together we ate baby spinach from the west field, shelled pecans with our hands, wandered the fields, watched bees work the last of the fall flowers, listened to the wind and gulped the fresh air. Everyone seemed to have left revived, strengthened, and inspired. Everyone seemed to have left more alive than when they came.
That is the power, and the beauty, of the farm.
We are eagerly planning our holiday Farmily event and cannot wait to welcome you out. Perhaps the broccoli (pictured here) will be ready to take home by then. Look for details here, at the Texarkana Farmer's Market, on Facebook, and on Instagram soon! -Brin