Natural Beeswax Balms

Dry or cracked skin? Thirsty or angry skin? We've got a balm for that! 

In years past, folks knew that beeswax, honey, and plants could soothe and heal many skin conditions. As we rediscover what our great-grandparents knew, we're finding the same: that natural balms work wonders on our tired, stressed, and achy bodies

Although we first created our balms just for personal use here on the farm, we are thrilled to be able to offer them to off-farm folks, too. Check out our line of 100% natural, chemical-free, organic balms and see for yourself why they're popular with nurses, mechanics, moms, gardeners, woodworkers, housekeepers, and dry skin folks everywhere!

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What's in our balms? Nothing you wouldn't want and everything you would. We're talking 100% natural beeswax from our own chemical-free hives, our raw, unprocessed honey, organic oils, and organic herbs and essential oils.




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