2022 Farmily Membership

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NEW! Farmily Membership

Here's the deal: we're a small farm with a big (and incredible!) community.

While the enthusiasm for our farm and products is amazing, it's also a challenge as we try to meet demand and ensure our loyal customers get the goods they're hoping for.

Enter: the Farmily Membership!

This 2022 season, Balm + Honey Farm is releasing a limited number of Farmily Memberships. These slots will, essentially, guarantee you priority service and savings at our farmer's market booths and farm stands.

Here's how it works:

What does the membership cost?

The membership for the 2022 season is $20.00, payable online or at our market booth.

What does the membership get me?

The Farmily Membership comes with the following perks:

- A 10% discount on ALL food items at our farmer's market booth and farm stands for the 2022 season. (This discount does not apply to things you can't eat... like classes or candles... stuff like that.) 

- First notification of honey harvests and raw honey availability! Our honey typically sells out within 48 hours of us offering it. (Yup.) We will notify farmily members of all honey sales BEFORE announcing to the general public. Of course, this doesn't obligate you to buy, you'll just have the 4-1-1 before anyone else.

- Save a spot on our Farmily Share List. As of this posting, we have over 600 households on a wait list for our delivered farm shares (CSA program). Y'all. That's crazy. In order to determine who is serious about future Share programs, a membership will now be required to reserve a delivery spot for any future Shares.

[As for when we will launch our next Share program, we are tentatively planning for late summer/early fall 2022, but that is subject to change based on land and crop availability.]

- "Hold My Roll" perk. :) Want Honey Cinnamon Rolls but *don't* want to drag yourself to market by 7 am on Saturdays? We got you. A Farmily Membership means you can let us know to hold you up to a half-dozen of our rolls, and we'll guarantee they'll be waiting on you until 10:30 am at market. Sleep in, and still score some rolls? Hecks yes.

Also, for real, your membership comes with knowledge that you tangibly support your local farm as we juggle soaring feed prices, higher seed costs, and stupid fuel charges. For that, we're sincerely grateful.

How does the membership work?

Once you score a spot by paying for your membership, you'll receive a Farmily Membership card by mail. Simply show your card or provide us your card code, and you'll save! We will notify you by email about all membership-related news, including honey, Share availabilities, etc. Super simple. (And don't worry... we won't start spamming your email inbox. We're not jerks like that.) 

How do I get a membership?

Welp, you add it to your cart and check out online here. You're in the right place! Once you do that, you'll get an email confirmation of your purchase, and we'll follow up with your 4 digit membership code via email. Your card will arrive in the mail prior to the market season, which begins the weekend of May 1st. Of course, if you have any questions, you can always email us at: hello@balmandhoneyfarm.com, or call the farm at 903-639-7627.

We appreciate your support and look forward to a delicious season together. Thank you in advance for your interest in our small farm!

-Matt and Brin Nichols