Raw, Chemical-Free Honey (1 lb)

Raw, Chemical-Free Honey (1 lb)

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The bee is more honored than others, not because she labors, but because she labors for others. -St. John Chrysostom


We love our gentle, productive honey bees. And we really love their honey. And considering we sold out of our Fall 2016 honey in TWO WEEKS, it's safe to say you folks love it, too. Thank you!

Coming Spring 2017: our raw, straight-from-the-local-hive honey. Raw honey is a totally unprocessed, real food that tastes great and is great for you.** Our honey is pulled straight from our organically kept, chemical-free hives, meaning our honey has all the beneficial enzymes, antioxidants and healing nutrients present in raw honey- without ANY of the pesticides, herbicides, or synthetic pollutants in store bought honey. Since we don't heat or alter our honey in any way, you can be sure that the honey you buy from Balm+Honey Farm is pure and natural.

Want first dibs on our next honey harvest? Check out our Farmily Honey Shares and reserve your raw, local honey for the upcoming season!

**While honey is known for treating seasonal allergies in most people, raw bee products may cause allergic reactions for some, although they are usually mild. Honey should not be fed to infants under 2 years of age.