Beekeeping for InterBEEdiates LIVE Class - MARCH 2, 2019

Beekeeping for InterBEEdiates LIVE Class - MARCH 2, 2019

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Beekeeping for InterBEEdiates - A Continuing Course for Beekeepers

Keeping honey bees is thrilling. And fascinating. But your first several years of beekeeping can be... overwhelming. If you're anything like I was, you have lots of questions. For example: Is my hive doing okay? How much honey should I pull, and when should I do it? How do I keep my hive from swarming? What should I do if my hive already swarmed? How do I split my hive? I lost my queen! what? ...Yeah. New beekeepers have a lot of questions.

Believe me, we've all been there. Hi! I'm Brin... the beekeeper girl at Balm + Honey Farm. As a new beekeeper, I read a lot of books, drove to countless beekeeping club meetings, and paid for ridiculously expensive bee classes. I wasted good time and money on outdated (or just plain dumb!) advice, equipment I didn't need, and methods that wouldn't work for my style or region. And while I encourage you to read all you can, join beekeeping associations, and educate yourself, I also want to save you the hassles and headaches I experienced as a new beekeeper.

You don't have to go it alone.
If you're eager to become a better beekeeper, you're in good company. When you take this course, you'll join other local beekeepers in learning how to maintain your hive, feed your hive, split/combine your hive(s), and deal with some of the not-quite-so new beekeeper challenges. Using the latest resources, pictures and videos from my own working hives, and peer-reviewed advice and methods, this class will walk you through your next season of beekeeping... all the way to your next honey harvest!

Help is on the way.
Yes, you can read every beekeeping book, article, and blog post out there. You can watch every bee video on YouTube. I know, because I practically did. But the more I read and watched, the more confused I got. I mean, there's a common joke among beekeepers that goes something like this: Ask 5 beekeepers a question and you'll get 10 different answers. And it's true. There's so much information out there that it's difficult to condense it all down and get an actual answer to a single, simple question.

That's where this course comes in and saves the day. In Beekeeping for InterBEEdiates, we'll cover 7 essential modules with information and answers you really need, such as:

    • Module 1: Beyond BEEginning: Are My Hives Okay? The Five Things You Need To Be Checking In Your Hive
    • Module 2: Warming and Swarming: How To Handle Swarms and Recognize Swarm Behavior
    • Module 3: In the Queen's Service: How To Deal with Her Majesty-related Problems
    • Module 4: Let's Talk Food: Feeding Hives, Feeders, and Supplements - - includes recipes and DIY instructions
    • Module 5: War and Peace: Dealing with Pests and Problems in Your Hive
    • Module 6: Honey, Honey, Honey: The Ins and Outs of Harvesting and Extracting Your Honey** LIVE DEMO
    • Module 7: Lickety Splits: How To (Affordably!) Split Your Hive and Expand Your Apiary** LIVE DEMO
  • Bonus Module: What To Do If Your Hive Dies
  • Extra Bonus Module: How to Legally Sell Your Honey

In addition to the info-packed modules, you'll also get our favorite Balm + Honey Farm apiary cheat sheets. (You'll use these for years to come, trust us.) We're talking:

- Our favorite Bee Feed Recipe

- Year-round Beekeeping Calendar

- Hive Inspection Log Sheet

- Pesky Pest Printout (What You Need to Be Looking For)

...and more. You're going to want to buy one of those binders for your bee stuff, because we're going to fix you up!

This course is for you if...
This Beekeeping for InterBEEdiates course is right for you if you agree with any of the following statements:

- I am a novice beekeeper who is struggling to stay on top of my hives.

- I have started beekeeping but am not sure how to maintain my hives.

- I have lost a hive(s) and want to learn more before continuing.

- I have decided to expand my hives and want to learn to do it easily and inexpensively.

- I am in year 1-3 of beekeeping or am nervous/have questions about my bees and whether I'm doing this correctly.

- I would like more information on what I'm seeing/how to inspect my hives.

- I have had issues with my Queen bee, swarming, and hive losses.

- I am so overwhelmed with my hive(s) that I could use some friendly answers and advice.

If any one (or more) of these statements describe you, you've come to the right place, fellow bee friend.

I'm your new best bee friend (BBF).
Before we spend some time together learning all about bees, maybe I should introduce myself. Hi! I'm Brin. I love honey bees, and want to do everything I can to help you become a successful beekeeper- whether you're in it as a hobby or to make money. After years of writing a successful lifestyle blog, I began Balm + Honey Farm, a farm in the East Texas piney woods. My Dad kept bees when I was a child (so I was familiar with honey supers and hive smokers), and in 2010, I bought a top bar hive and began planning a bee venture of my own. Fast-forward to today and I'm a founding officer of a Texas/Arkansas beekeeping association, run a growing apiary, and sell honey to the public. Most importantly, though, I'm a beekeeper who's made every mistake in the book, and am passionate about coaching and cheering beginning beekeepers on to success -- while helping them avoid the mistakes I made.

So what do you say we begin?
Whether you've just gotten started in bees (or have hit your year 1-4 beekeeping overwhelm), the time to learn, ask questions, and get connected with a mentor is NOW. Let's get you off to a confident and educated year in beekeeping. If you're ready to jump in and continue your hive and honey journey, I warmly welcome you to the Beekeeping for InterBEEdiates course. Can't wait to see you LIVE in class!

Class details:

Beekeeping for InterBEEdiates

Saturday, March 2, 2019 - 1 pm - 5 pm (stay for a catered BBQ dinner included with class!)

Location: Balm and Honey Cabin, 475 CR 2977, Hughes Springs, TX 75656

Phone: 903-639-7627

*Materials and Dinner will be provided!*

REGISTER NOW by completing payment here to reserve your seat in class. We'll follow up by email with you within 24 hours confirming you're in. And don't worry... we'll also send you reminders so you don't forget to come to class! If you have any questions between now and then, you can always email us at:, or call us at 903-639-7627. But don't forget to register first by purchasing here.

See you soon!

Brin, Balm and Honey Farm