From Garbage to Garden Composting Workshop LIVE

From Garbage to Garden Composting Workshop LIVE

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Composting and Vermicomposting

Workshop and Live Demo!

Composting is a pile of fun, and it turns food scraps and yard waste into something beneficial. Not only is composting something folks can do anywhere, but it can be done affordably, easily, and without smelly piles or rotting bins!

Ready to get started on your own composting journey? Our workshop will cover BOTH outdoor composting AND vermicomposting (using worms to get rid of food waste and produce earthworm castings).

Here are just some of the things we'll cover:

- How to know if composting is right for you

- Where to compost

- How to start and maintain an outdoor compost pile

- How and when to use compost on your property

- How to start an indoor (or outdoor!) worm bin

- What to feed worms

- How to "harvest" compost and earthworm castings

- Making and using compost "tea"

... and more!

So join us at the farm on Saturday, February 10, 2018, as your local farmers show you how to set up a compost system and use worms to transform kitchen leftovers and yard debris into miraculous soil and plant food!

No experience or equipment is necessary. Class includes compost starter. Cost is $20 per person or $35 for two (so you can bring a relative or friend). Seats are limited, so reserve yours now!

[If you want to get started composting with worms right away, we'll have worm bins on hand for $30. They have everything you'll need - including worms! - to get you started on your vermicomposting journey!]

Questions? Email us at:, or call the farm at (903) 200-4847 for more information.