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Balm and Honey Farm

Hand Knit Cotton Cloth "Snowflake"

Hand Knit Cotton Cloth "Snowflake"

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Thank you for checking out our farm knits. These beautiful cloths are a daily help and fixture around our farm.

What it is: our "Snowflake" is a hand-knit cloth of natural, USA cotton. Measuring approximately 7-9 inches across (give or take), this pillowy round is knitted from sturdy cotton yarn, and is tough enough for scrubbing yet gentle enough for bathing.

What are these knit cloths for? In a word, everything. Wash dishes with them. Clean and dust with them. Mop spills with them. Wipe noses or tears with them. Keep them near the sink, the bath, the car, the backpack, the gym bag, the picnic basket. And when they're used, toss it in a cool water wash and machine or line dry and start all over. We keep these in every corner of the farm and use them daily!

With a beautiful ribbon... or a bar of soap... they make the perfect hostess or friend gift!

Cloth comes gift wrapped and is shipped promptly via USPS. 

Go ahead and treat yourself or a friend!

Thanks for stopping by. We appreciate your support of our small farm.
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