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Balm and Honey Farm

COY - Lionhead Bunny for Adoption

COY - Lionhead Bunny for Adoption

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Welcome to Balm and Honey Farm's Rabbitry!


Meet: 'Coy' the bunny, who is available for adoption as of 7/1/2024. Coy will be 8 weeks old as of July 1, 2024, and is a Lionhead rabbit. Although it is difficult to determine the gender of a bunny before 12 weeks of age, we believe Coy is a boy. Coy is playful and oh so sweet, and will make an excellent pet and companion. Coy’s mother is Maberly, our Teddybear Lionhead, and her father is Fossie, a Lionhead.

How to Reserve Coy: Here at Balm and Honey Farm, we're serious about finding loving and lasting homes for animals born on our farm. We believe that every living thing has nephesh - measurable life; soul - from the Creator, and that it's our duty to honor and care for them accordingly.

If you can commit to providing a loving and lasting home for Coy, we ask that you complete this reservation and provide a valid email address upon checkout. We will then email you a couple of questions about the home and care you can provide for this little one. After you answer, we will reach out to you within 48 hours letting you know you're approved for adoption and finalizing an adoption time. Full payment for all bunnies is required at time of pick up, and all animals must be picked up by adoptive families at Balm and Honey Farm.

How to Bring Coy Home: All animals must be picked up by adoptive families at Balm and Honey Farm in Hughes Springs, Texas. We recommend bringing a small animal carrier or secure transport so your new bunny will have a safe and calm ride home. (Remember, your bunny will be nervous and rabbits are naturally fearful!) A sack of hay and pellets will be provided with your bunny to ensure he has road trip food. All bunnies leave our farm with a care sheet, including detailed information on how/what to feed them and how to care for your new rabbit.

If you have additional questions, please email us before proceeding with this reservation at:

Thank you! Matt + Brin

(For the well-being and safety of all our animals, we do not allow in-person viewings or visits to our rabbitry at this time.)


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