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Balm and Honey

Farm Share (Regular)

Farm Share (Regular)

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Farm Share (Regular)

Real food doesn't have ingredients.
Real food is ingredients. - Jamie Oliver

Thank you for checking out our Farm Shares. These special harvest collections are available first to Farmily members and then to our anyone in our community.

Our Fall 2022 Farmily Shares are currently available for purchase. If you're interested in getting on our Share waiting list, please email your name and phone number to: 

About our Shares:  the Farm Share is a weekly (or bi-weekly) collection of just-picked, seasonal produce and goods straight from our nothing-but-natural fields and hives. Each regular Farm Share will contain farm fresh eggs and 5-10 produce items that will feed 3-6 people and can be taken home and immediately eaten fresh or cooked... or can be frozen or preserved. By purchasing this Farm Share, you are taking control of your health by eating the freshest, cleanest, most local food available. You're also getting the opportunity to get to know your farmer on a first name basis.

How To Purchase: if the listing for this Share is active and can be added to your cart, it is available to buy and you can complete the purchase here through the website. Our farm will be in touch to arrange pickup/delivery of your Share.

When you purchase a Farmily Share, you are participating in what is commonly known as a CSA- or a Community Supported Agriculture program. Joining a CSA means means that you share in your local farm's harvest and share both the rewards- and the risks- of eating locally. Trust us, it's worth it. While you don't know where the food you buy at the store comes from, how it was grown, or how it's been handled, you do know that when you buy our Farm Share.

Here is what we have planted for the upcoming season, and a sampling of what you could expect in your Share:

- Salad greens

- Collard greens

- Spinach / kale

- Lettuces

- Microgreens

- Potatoes

- Beets

- Turnips

- Carrots

- Radishes

- Broccoli (purple and green)

- Cauliflower (including the prized "Cheddar"!)

- Cabbage (purple and green)

- Asparagus

- Green onions

- Fresh ginger

- Celery

- Herbs (Chives, Cilantro, Mint, Rosemary, Thyme)

- and more!

Items will be available subject to harvest dates, crop success, and yields.

If any/some of these vegetables are unfamiliar to you, trust us: that's the fun! Trying new organic vegetables and finding new favorites is half the fun of getting a regular farm share.

Farm Shares are a good idea for local folks who:

• Want to enjoy truly fresh, seasonal food... and have an appetite for varieties or quality not available at local grocery stores

• Need access to clean, organically-grown produce for health reasons

• Have a desire to contribute to the local food movement

• Desire to experience firsthand, or show their children firsthand, how food is grown and where their food comes from

• Want to reduce the amount of food miles their food travels. (The average produce item in the US travels over 1500 miles before it's consumed.)

• Seek to benefit from a nearby farm community where like-minded folks can share recipes, ideas and knowledge while they share our farm's vegetables!

Farmily Shares may not be the best fit for those who:

• Want every type of vegetable, every week. Our Farmily shares contain fresh, in-season produce only, as nature intends and as our great-grandparents ate. Eating seasonally means eating crops that are ripe at that point in the season. This means that carrots are plentiful from late fall to spring, but not in July. The opposite is true, then, for squash and beans. If you tend to eat a limited selection of specific produce year-round, you may be disappointed with seasonal produce or may be unfamiliar with how to cook it or incorporate it in your diet.

• Demand common, picture-perfect vegetables that look like they were raised in a laboratory. Our veggies are natural and beyond organically-grown, but sometimes that means the tomatoes are misshapen or onions are smaller or larger than you see in the store. And we love our GMO-free, heirloom food that way! If you don't like that, though, farm produce may not be a good fit for you.

We love informed consumers. If you have questions or would like additional details about our Farm Shares, please contact us directly. 

Thank you for supporting your local farmer.

- Matt and Brin Nichols

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